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On our modern CNC machining centers, we manufacture simple and complex individual parts from single parts to small series. If you provide us with a 3D model, the CNC programs are created via a CAM system.


DMU 60 eVo with pallet changer

DMU 60eVO PH 150, Auszug aus den technischen Daten:

n=20.000 1/min.

X= 600



B= -5°/ +110°

C= 360°

Tool places: 120


DMU 60 eVo without pallet changer

DMU 60eVO, Auszug aus den technischen Daten:

Max. Traversing Distance X-Axix
600 mm
Max. Traversing Distance Y-Axis
500 mm
Max. Traversing Distance 
500 mm
Max. Tableload
400 kg
630 mm

Tool places: 80


DMF 260/7

DMF 260/7, Auszug aus den technischen Daten:

Max. traverse X-Axis
2.600 mm
Max. traverse  Y-Axis
700 mm
Max. traverse Z-Axis
700 mm
Max. Tableload
2.150 kg
2.900 mm
700 mm
Tool places: 120


We manufacture simple and complex individual parts, as well as turned and milled parts, which range from single components to small batches, on our state-of-the-art CNC lathes. If you provide us with a 3D model, the CNC programs will be created via a CAM system.


NLX 2500/1250

NLX 2500/1250, Auszug aus den technischen Daten:

Max. turning diameter
366 mm
Max. Workpiecelenght with tailstock(editable)
1.255 mm
Max. Chuck diameter
254 mm
Max. Spindle spees
4.000 min⁻¹
Performance (100% ED)
22 kW (AC)
Max. Tension tube inner diameter
102 mm

Turning - Milling - Grinding


CTX beta 1250 TC

CTX Beta 1250 TC, Auszug aus den technischen Daten:

Maximum turning diameter: ∅ approx. 500 mm
Maximum turning length: approx. 1200 mm
Max. RPM:  20.000 min⁻¹
Max. Workpieces: 80 


We’ve been a DIN-certified specialist welding company (DIN 11800-7 class D - advanced certificate) since 2004. In 2013 we extended our certification to DIN 18800-7 class E and introduced qualification for EN-1090-1 EXC 3.



We’ve been a contract manufacturer for over 50 years, focusing on mechanical engineering, aerospace and precision mechanics. We’re in an ideal position to turn designs into reality because our manufacturing facilities are close by. We’ve also been a highly skilled, certified specialist welding company for many years. As a result, we can offer an even broader range of in-house services to our customers. Our goal is always to understand our customers’ applications so that we can turn their specifications into real products in the best possible way. Our customers appreciate our versatility, reliability and expertise in pulling off the challenges presented to us. This has ensured that our success has endured, even in difficult phases, for decades and decades.


Sheet metal working


Amada AC-255 NT

Amada AC-255 NT, Excerpt from the technical data:

Traversing: 1270 mm x 1270 mm by resetting bigger.

Punching power: 200 KN

Tool system: Tool turret 51 stations.


CNC-Press Brake EQPB 3 30

Controlunit: Delem DA-66T

Bending lenght: 1020 mm

Pressingforce: 300 KN


NC-Press Brake Darley EHP 110.31/25

Control UNit: Delem DA-66T

Bending lenght: 3000 mm

Pressingforce: 1100 KN